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Management Accounting is everything

Wondering what management accounting comprises of? Well, it covers practically all information including MIS (Management Information System), Budgeting, Costing, Financial Reporting, Dashboards, snapshots and all data that flows in different formats and numbers. However, not to forget, the top management does not intend to spend time pulling the data nor interested in the millions or rows of data. It would be keenly interested in knowing where is it heading towards and what decisions can be made considering all key information placed in a desired format.

Management accounting can be the key trigger for the top management to do decision-making - exhibits the need to understand it more.

CMA USA is a qualification that builds the comfort on knowing what management wants - through its sets of examinations (two exams - conducted globally) and helps you know everything about what the top boss wants!

We proudly announce the launch of CMA US Part I and Part II at AVC Learning Solutions! Whats more - well, it is a lifetime access to the program - much like the other standard range of programs...!!

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