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frequently asked questions

What does lifetime access mean?

The access to any program is provided to the participants without any restrictions. This would mean that the participants can view the content anytime, using any device and any number of views.


Are the lectures downloadable?

Unfortunately - no. The lectures can only be viewed using internet access but are not downloadable. Additional content, excel notes and other working files are however available for download.

Does your fee include any examination fee charged by the institution?

Our fee does not include any fee for the examination or registration. The examination fee is payable to the Institution directly. However, we do facilitate support for the examination registration.

How are the queries resolved under an eLearning program?

We do request our participants to connect directly using WhatsApp or call at +918800145588 or Email option (

Are the lectures ready and available in one go at the time of registration?

Yes, the lectures are readily available and updated for the preparation. The lectures are further updated every time for any changes in the examination syllabus or pattern. For any gaps, please write to

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