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ACCA Professional Level Papers: Its never too late to adapt Technology

ACCA took the important step to announce the merger of the two overlapping, related papers - P1 (Ethics) and P3 (Business Analysis). Comes 2018, these papers will be merged into a single examination of 4 hours, blending the case study environment.

While this was expected to take place soon after CIMA introduced all its examinations on Computer Based Assessments (CBA) model and a case study at all levels of the profession, ACCA had no choice but to consider the role of case study in the theory papers. The business acumen of students into the examination to make it highly competitive and valuable experience was a mandatory requirement for the ACCA. Interestingly, it will be more challenging for tutors to bring the right set of teaching methodologies to ensure that their students are able to learn and adapt the new ACCA examination methodology.

While this happens towards the end of 2018, it is also possible that ACCA may consider the switch over of other papers in the similar mode too over a period of time. It may be worth considering by the ACCA to have the computer-assessed results even for case study examinations, like the way it is done in the CPA US examination.

After all, Information Technology is certain to change the world, and conveniently, the examination bodies style of doing their business. Wondering that technology can replace entirely the tuition partners or for sure publishers. It is not a question of how, but a question of how soon? We are sure to see some big changes evolving in the immediate future in education and certain to impact the large Institutions like the ACCA signicantly.

The future is uncertain, but it will certainly become past!

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