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What is the scope of ACCA In India

This questions arises every now and then from students as to "what is the scope of ACCA in India" and "how much salary a person gets after completion of ACCA?" Of course, this is a relevant question for anyone and should be responded with complete responsibility and accountability to those who are thinking of building their career with ACCA qualification.

First and foremost thing is that ACCA, the largest accounting body in the world is working very closely with BIG 4s and large MNCs to absorb ACCA members and students through training or full time jobs. This is an important step for ACCA also to ensure that its acceptability is widely recognized by companies in the fields of accounting, auditing or taxation. Of course, these types of organizations offer good packages to the people who are taken on-board. Hence, as far as answering the first question is concerned, this is the right way it may be explained to someone.

For the second question, it is difficult to measure since many students pursuing ACCA in India may already be qualified or working with an organization and plan to ACCA qualification to either add to their existing qualification, or seek a qualification which is similar to Indian CA. Such people may already be sitting at a good package and thus will not give a comparable figure. For freshers, the starting salary varies and a mean salary may not be rightly available for publication.

Likewise, it may be a tricky question to answer if someone asks this differently - "Will I get placed with such organizations at a particular package?" It is prudent to suggest that no qualification ever guarantees a job in hand, although the probability of landing up with a job can be significantly high in case of few qualifications (for example, pursuing MBA from a premier B School). This is also applicable for ACCA the same way, although may not sound very convincing to a person.

However, for all those who are asking similar questions like above, it is rather recommended to do an intensive research on the qualification before getting into the qualification simply because some friend or relative recommended it to them. It is important to understand that ACCA, like any other qualification, gives a person insight on how to deal with accounting, taxation, auditing, business and financial matters. Should it attempt to sell itself as a job-guarantee qualification, it would fail miserably, and therefore keeping such expectations from ACCA is not the right approach.

ACCA, is a global accounting program that expects its students to know and apply global accounting, understand the auditing curriculum, carry a business acumen and be able to offer quality solutions to the clients in the fields of accounting, auditing or taxation. Therefore, the qualification, even though, may not guarantee an immediate payback, but is certain to have a significantly higher NPV as understood under the concept of Investment Appraisals.

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