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ACCA - The future of assessments is online

ACCA, the largest accounting body in the world, has reached the last leg to bring its examinations pattern online. And why not, primarily major qualifications in accounting like CFA / CPA / CMA / CIMA are all now tested online. An online assessment methodology provides ACCA also to become more flexible and offer solution to its students to engage, learn and have the assessments completed through an online mode.

ACCA UK, with its global presence, brings its first 9 examinations online, and is expected to be doing it for the next level (Profesisonal) examinations as well in the near future. This is important considering the fact that its closest competitor - CIMA UK, had already begun this in 2015, doing a complete shift over to online assessments for all its 16 examinations (earlier 17).

ACCA's step to convert online was expected considering CIMA's move in the same direction, and ACCA's intentions to test students on a quarterly basis, rather than half-yearly. For that matter, to meet the competition, ACCA ideally should be bringing all of its fundamental examinations On-Demand (when a student is ready to give the examination, he or she can do so).

How should the existing and prospective students look at it. My answer would be to take it in a positive manner, and be able to adapt themselves with the flexible options offered by the ACCA. Especially the upcoming markets like India, where ACCA is becoming a serious contender, the students must try to abreast themselves of the developments happening at ACCA and embrace the changes.

How should you be preparing for the examinations, when these are expected to be tested online. The solution lies in the fact that you should test your knowledge online at the time of studying itself. This helps you gear up for the ACCA examination and successfully complete the ACCA qualification.

Good luck with your preparation!

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